Cryo Interactive Entertainment

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Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Cryo 1999.png
Founded 1990
Closed 2003
Headquarters Paris, France

Cryo Interactive Entertainment was a French video game development and publishing company. The company was founded by members of ERE Informatique who left Infogrames (proprietor of ERE since 1986) – among these were Philippe Ulrich, Rémi Herbulot and Jean-Martial Lefranc. The company gained recognition for its adventure games, such as the commercially successful titles Dune, Dragon Lore and Atlantis: The Lost Tales, along with the racing series MegaRace.


Music Development


Rémi Herbulot developed HERAD sound driver with Stéphane Picq's assistance. Their sound driver was used in Dune, KGB, MegaRace and demo of Lost Eden.

On their Windows games, composers used Cubase.

Sega Genesis/Sega CD

Their Sega CD titles used HERAD sound driver.

On Cheese Cat-Astrophe Starring Speedy Gonzales and Out of the Vortex, David De Gruttola used unique sound driver, which similar to HERAD.

Super Nintendo

David De Gruttola programmed his own custom sound driver.

Game Boy Color

On their early titles, developers contracted with AudioArts to using of QuickThunder sound driver by Michael Delaney. Most of games were composed by Will Davis.

On Gift, Frédéric Nespoulous used MusyX, a sound tool by Factor 5.

Audio Personnel

These people were sub-contracted via AudioArts:

These people were sub-contracted via Looking Glass Studios:

Logo History