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Crosstalk - 01.png
Founded October 1979
Headquarters Hiroshima, Japan

Crosstalk Inc. (株式会社クロストーク Kabushikigaisha Kurosutōku), sometimes written as CrossTalk was a Japanese game development studio founded by Kazuhisa Mitani. The company started out as a ghost developer, like many other companies at the time. As a result, little is known about the company. They did a few conversions of games, and most of their games were only released in Japan. The company still exists to this day, though they no longer develop video games, and instead focus on web and software development.


Audio Personnel

Hillsfar (NES) uses the title music from the computer versions, composed by Westwood Studios composer Paul Mudra, though he did not work for Crosstalk.


These composers did not work for Crosstalk, but their music was used in games converted by the company.