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Output - NES.svg
Uninvited - NES - Crisis.png
Composer Hiroyuki Masuno
Arranger Hiroyuki Masuno
Programmer Hiroyuki Masuno
Released 1989-09-29
Length 0:10
Format NSF.png
Game Uninvited (NES)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

Crisis plays whenever you're in a dangerous situation. This includes the car wreck, Dracan's bedroom, the cage room, the dogs outside the church, when the assistant's spirit appears, the ghost outside the maze, a single zombie in the maze, the bouncing creature, the guardian in the Magisterium, when you're working the combination safe, the giant spider, the flaming apparition from the star, when you have to dispose of Dracan's body, when your sister is screaming, the final bathroom scene, and the evil demon at the end.

The aggravating sound to the music makes it harder to think clearly, which creates tension while you're playing the game.

Crisis is an unofficial name. It is track 12 in the NSF file.