Creative Music System

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Creative Music System
Creative Music System - Packaging.jpg
Developer: Creative Technology, Ltd.
Released: 1987-08-??
Type: Sound Card
Slot: ISA
Icon - Creative Music System.png
Platforms: Platform - DOS.png

The Creative Music System or C/MS is the first sound card developed by Singapore based Creative Technology, later Creative Labs, and the precursor to their ever popular Sound Blaster line. The C/MS is an ISA card fueled by two Philips SAA1099 chips, which together, provide 12 voices of square-wave bee-in-a-box stereo sound plus two noise channels. It originally sold for $195.00.

The Game Blaster is just a C/MS with different packaging. The two products are physically identical.

The sound card came bundled with various music files that can be found on the Creative Music System (DOS) page.


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Emulation Status

The Creative Music System has been fully emulated in DOSBox.

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