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Composer Tohru Nakabayashi
Released 1989-06-??
Title Origin Official
Loops No

Conclusion is the uplifting chime that plays when then you successfully defeat Death Adder and save the king and his daughter.


  • Japanese: 終結
  • Romanji: Shuketsu
  • Translation: Conclusion

There is no official English translation of this title, but the Japanese title comes from the official soundtrack.


Golden Axe (ARC)

Platform - ARC.png
Golden Axe (ARC)
Output - OPM.svg
Golden Axe - ARC - Victory.png
Arranger Tohru Nakabayashi
Released 1989-06-??
Length 0:20.00
Format VGM

This is the original composition of Conclusion as composed by Tohru Nakabayashi.

The song plays on a YM2151 and is song number 0x09 in the game's sound test.

Golden Axe (GEN)

Platform - GEN.png
Golden Axe (GEN)
Output - OPN2.svg
Arranger Nankyoku, Decky, Imocky
Released 1989-12-22
Format VGM