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Founded 1986-08-06
Headquarters Warwickshire, UK

Codemasters is a British game developer who has been producing video games since the 80's. They were first known for their Dizzy the Adventurer series and are now renowned for their Drift video games.


Music Development


Ashley Hogg said this about his sound driver:

One of the guys there, Jon Menzies, wrote a custom data packer for one of the tracker formats, with my audio code being changed to support that. So the music was composed mostly in a tracker, by the likes of Matt Simmonds. For the instruments, Jon wrote a tool to grab MIDI patch data from a Yamaha synth with a very similar FM chip to the Megadrive. We used that data to give us banks of instruments, but hand tweaked parameters to give use what we wanted.

While his sound driver was used in many Codemasters titles, Hogg said that there was another sound driver, possible written by Martin Severn.


Codemasters' NES sound driver was written by programmer Gavin Raeburn, who also composed the music to many of their NES titles. According to Allister Brimble, he originally had to write the music in 6502 assembly, but later ended up writing a program to convert his files from a tracker to Codemasters' NES sound driver.

In Bee 52, Stunt Kids, and Pro Tennis (in Quattro Sports), there is a digitized instrument which Gavin said was from the Casio CZ-101 keyboard.

Audio Personnel