Classic Concentration (A2GS)

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Classic Concentration
Platform: Apple IIGS
Year: 1988
Developer: Softie

Classic Concentration is a home computer game for the Apple IIGS. It is based on the popular game show by the same name. The is for 1 to 2 players. Two contestants competes making matches of prizes and solving the rebus puzzle. There are 25 sections. And there is a "WILD!" card. A wild card give them an automatic match. Also, there is Red Take and Green Take cards. The take cards if for a contestant to take a prize from their opponent (They have to match exaclty the same color. If they match red and green, It does not consider a match). Once the player wins the game and solves the rebus puzzle, The player will go to the bonus round (The Winner's Circle) and try their luck make 7 matches to win a new car in 60 seconds.


Classic Concentration Copyright Screen.png

Copyright Info.

Welcome to Classic Concentration!.png

Game intro.

Setting up the game.png

The game set up.


Wow, You just won a brand new car! What car is it? A GMC? A Ford? Who knows?

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