Claim Jumper (A8)

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Claim Jumper
Claim Jumper - A8 - UK.jpg
Platform: Atari 8-bit
Year: 1982
Developer: Gray Chang

Claim Jumper is a two-player shooting game where you control claim jumpers who are trying to mine and sell gold on each other's property. While you shoot at each other to try and get the money from the gold into your homestead, tumbleweeds and snakes will get in your way. Snakes attack player one, and tumbleweeds attack player two. If you shoot them they will turn into the thing that attacks your opponent. When a player fills up their bank account, they build a new house which injures the opponent when they get too close to it.

Overall, the game is fun for awhile, but eventually becomes boring since there isn't much content. It also doesn't have an AI, so it requires two players to play.


Claim Jumper - A8 - Title.png

The uninspired title screen.

Claim Jumper - A8 - Game.png

Beating up my opponent.

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Claim Jumper's soundtrack consists of only a single tune, with a fitting country Western sound. The song is fairly repetitive, but the notes are raised in pitch each time through until they loop back to their original, giving the song a bit more play.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Claim Jumper Phil YoungGray Chang 3:04


(Source: Email from developer. Game only credits the developer.)

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Claim Jumper - A8 - UK.jpg
Title: Claim Jumper
Platform: Atari 8-bit
Released: 1982-??-??
Publisher: Synapse Software Corporation