Claim Jumper

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Claim Jumper
Output - POKEY.svg
Claim Jumper - A8 - Game.png
Composer Phil Young
Arranger Gray Chang
Released 1982-??-??
Length 3:05:00
Format SAP.png
Game Claim Jumper (A8)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No

The song Claim Jumper has a fitting country Western sound. It's fairly repetitive, but it raises in pitch a few times through each loop and then drops back to the original pitch. Since it's the only song, the title comes from the game.

The song starts when you boot the game and continues as you start playing, but it stops abruptly just after 3 minutes in. It is rendered on the Atari's POKEY chip.

The game doesn't have audio credits, but the VGMPF was contacted by Gray Chang and he had this to say about the song:

The music was written by my relative, Phil Young, and arranged by me. I was the one who decided to raise the notes by one step during each repeat, with the higher notes wrapping around downward by 2 octaves when the notes exceeded the range that the Atari could play.