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Cinemaware Marquee.png
Founded 1985

Cinemaware was an American game developer founded in 1985 by Bob and Phyllis Jacoban, initially under the name Cinemaware Corporation. They were moderately successful during their early years developing popular titles like Defender of the Crown and The Three Stooges. However, by 1991, the company was struggling due to a huge investment on a Turbo-Grafx 16 port of It Came from the Desert and had to file for bankruptcy.

The company's brands and trademarks were purchased by Lars Fuhrken-Batista in 2000, and a new company called Cinemaware, Inc. was made without any involvement from the original staff. The new company only seemed interested in remaking the older popular titles, and after milking the brands for all they were worth, sold to eGames on October 6, 2005.

eGames renamed the company to Cinemaware Marquee, and unlike its earlier incarnations as developers, Cinemaware Marquee only published games. A handful of games were published, but by around 2007, the company seemed to have dissolved.


Music Development


Bob Lindstrom used Sonix for the Amiga.

Some composers, like David Thiel, used Cakewalk, while others used their own MIDI sequencer.

Audio Personnel

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