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Christopher P. Granner
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Born December 4, 1957 (Age 54)
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality American   USA.svg
Aliases CPG
Website Unknown

Chris Granner is an American video game musician and has been composing music for video games (mostly pinball machines) since the 80's. He started his video game music career in 1986 where he worked for Williams/Bally/Midway Games, composing the music and sound for a large amount of their arcade games. Nine years later, Chris left Williams/Bally/Midway and started working for Capcom's North American division in May of 1995, also composing audio for their pinball machines. He left Capcom in March 1997 to work for Incredible Technologies where he stayed until 2001. He then worked for Leading Edge Design and scored the music to a couple of their games. He also worked for Play Mechanix and wrote the audio to six of their slot machines. In 2004, he composed the music for IGT's "The Mummy" slot machine. Later, he worked for Studio Gigante and wrote the music for some of their games. In 2002, he worked for Stern and created the audio for some of their pinball games until 2005. Since February 2011, Granner has been working at Jersey Jack Pinball in Evanston, Illinois.

On October 20, 2023, Chris was inducted into The Pinball Hall of Fame.

Music Development


Chris said this about his arcade music, specifically for Terminator 2 and Trog!:

Both of those games were done with our legacy system that featured the Yamaha YM2151 FM synth chip, driven by a proprietary OS running on custom hardware (primarily a Motorola 6809). We had 8 channels of FM, 1 8-bit DAC channel that we mostly used for drums (the "one-armed drummer" syndrome), and a channel for dialog fired by a WW2-era Harris voice-codec that used an algorithm called CVSD -- that I'd never heard of before, and never wish to hear again, frankly. So -- 8 monophonic FM tracks, one sample track and one dialog track; no channel fx of any kind. We did have the capability of running music in the "background", and stealing channels to play a "foreground" effect (the music kept playing in the "silent background"). We essentially had no tools to create music that you'd recognize as such -- the system was driven by 6809 Assembly language macros. We were essentially writing music in assembler.

The CVSD Chris refers to stands for "Continually Variable Slope Delta Modulation".


Released Title Sample Notes
1986-07-?? Road Kings (PBL) With Bill Parod.
1986-10-?? Pin*Bot (PBL) Music by himself.
Sound with Bill Parod.
1986-12-?? Joust 2: Survival of the Fittest (ARC)
1987-01-?? Millionaire (PBL)
1987-03-?? F-14 Tomcat (PBL) Music with Steve Ritchie.
Sound with Bill Parod.
1987-03-?? Fire! (PBL) Music by himself.
Sound with Brian Schmidt and Rich Karstens.
1987-09-?? Big Guns (PBL) Music by himself.
Sound with Brian Schmidt.
1988-02-?? Cyclone (PBL)
1988-08-?? Taxi (PBL)
1988-11-?? Truck Stop (PBL)
1988-12-?? Jokerz! (PBL) Music with Jonathan Hey.
Sound by himself.
1989-02-?? Earthshaker (PBL) Music with Jonathan Hey.
Sound by himself.
1989-08-?? Police Force (PBL)
1989-09-?? Elvira and the Party Monsters (PBL)
1990-01-?? Whirlwind (PBL)
1990-06-?? Diner (PBL)
1990-08-?? Dr. Dude (PBL)
1990-11-?? FunHouse (PBL)
1990-??-?? Pinbot (NES) Arranged by David Wise.
1990-??-?? Trog (ARC)
1990-??-?? Star Trax (ARC)
1991-07-?? Terminator 2: Judgement Day (PBL)
1991-10-?? Trog! (NES) Arranged by Scott La Rocca.
1991-??-?? Terminator 2: Judgement Day (ARC)
1992-03-?? The Addams Family (PBL)
1992-10-?? Fish Tales (PBL)
1992-??-?? Pinball Jam (LYNX) Arranged by David Tumminaro
1993-??-?? T2: The Arcade Game (SNES) (T2ザ・アーケードゲーム)
Arranged by Andy Brock.
1993-01-?? White Water (PBL)
1993-04-?? Twilight Zone (PBL) Music by himself.
Sound with Rich Karstens.
1993-08-?? Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (PBL)
1994-03-03 Super Baseball 2020 (GEN) (2020年スーパーベースボール) With Brian Schmidt.
1994-10-?? Red & Ted's Road Show (PBL)
1994-??-?? Revolution X (ARC)
1994-??-?? The Addams Family Values (ARC)
1995-06-06 Indianapolis 500 (PBL)
1995-10-?? Pinball Magic (PBL) With Jeff Powell.
1995-12-?? Revolution X (SNES) (レボリューションX) Arranged by Kev Bruce.
1995-??-?? Revolution X (GEN) Arranged by Stephen Lord.
1995-??-?? WWF WrestleMania (ARC)
1996-03-?? Airborne (PBL)
1996-12-?? Junk Yard (PBL) Original Music (The Addams Family, Terminator 2: Judgement Day)
1996-12-?? Kingpin (PBL)
1998-03-?? California Speed (ARC) With Kevin Quinn, Dave Zabriske, John Paul, Joe Lyford, Gunnar Madsen, Richard Carle, and Todd Modjesky.
2001-09-?? Monopoly (PBL)
2002-08-?? RollerCoaster Tycoon (PBL)
2003-02-?? The Simpsons Pinball Party (PBL) Sound
2003-03-18 Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus (XBOX) With Daniel Myer.-
2003-06-?? Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (PBL) Music with Steve Ritchie.
Sound by himself.
2003-12-?? The Lord of the Rings (PBL)
2004-03-?? Ripley's Believe It or Not! (PBL)
2004-07-?? The Fast and the Furious (ARC) With Vikas Deo, Deep Sharma, Forrest Roush, and Greg Magers.
2004-08-?? Elvis (PBL) Arranged Elvis Presley's music.
2004-09-14 Johnny Nero Action Hero (ARC)
2004-??-?? The Mummy (SLOT)
2005-02-?? The Sopranos (PBL) Verified by composer.
Arranged Alabama 3's Woke Up This Morning.
2005-04-20 WWE WrestleMania 21 (XBOX)
2005-08-?? NASCAR (PBL)
2005-??-?? Orange County Choppers (ARC)
2006-06-?? World Poker Tour (PBL)
2007-11-27 Cruis'n (WII) With Vikas Deo, Deep Sharma, Forrest Roush, and Greg Magers.
2013-04-?? The Wizard of Oz (PBL) Music and sound with Rob Berry.

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