Chex Quest 2 (DOS)

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Chex Quest 2
Platform: DOS
Year: 1996
Developer: Digital Café
Online: Download

Chex Quest 2 is a first-person shooter based on the Doom engine, and sequel to Chex Quest (DOS). The game is not a stand-alone program, but a patch to the original game. It was made available for download only at shortly after the first Chex Quest came out.

In the story, you have returned home only to find that the Flemoids have invaded your home planet in your absence. You must save your home by zapping the phlegm monsters with your Zorch gun and collect healthy foods to keep you alive.


Chex Quest 2 - DOS - Title.png

Yes, in this game you play a giant piece of Chex.

Chex Quest 2 - DOS - Difficulty.png

The difficulty levels are hilarious if you think of them as porn titles.

Chex Quest 2 - DOS - Help.png

The help screen still uses the Doom font.

Chex Quest 2 - DOS - Spaceport.png

Our old friends, the Flemoids are back.

Chex Quest 2 - DOS - Ugly Enemies.png

Those are some ugly enemies!

Chex Quest 2 - DOS - Ventilation.png

So this is where Valve got their ideas for Half Life!


Much like the first Chex Quest game the music of Chex Quest 2 is rather cartoony and light sounding, just like the mood of the game. The Introduction, Intermission, and Victory tracks are the same as Chex Quest. The titles come from the stage names.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Introduction Andrew Benon 0:12
02 Spaceport Andrew Benon 3:24
03 Cinema Andrew Benon 3:05
04 Chex Museum Andrew Benon 3:18
05 Intermission Andrew Benon 1:13
06 City Streets Andrew Benon 3:26
07 Sewer System Andrew Benon 3:25
08 Victory Andrew Benon 1:43


(No Source. Game doesn't have credits.) Although the game doesn't have any documentation, it was created by the same developers who made Chex Quest and at the same time, so it is assumed that the game had the same audio team.

Issue - Missing.svg

Source verification is needed.


Game Rip



MUS (DMX).png WAV.png DP.png



Because Chex Quest 2 is a Doom conversion, the music is in the MUS (DMX) format and can be ripped from the Chex2.wad file in the same manner that the Doom music is ripped. The MUS files were recorded with Winamp's MIDI player v3.5.

The sound effects are in two formats, WAV for digital audio playback and DP for PC speaker playback. However, since Chex Quest 2 exists only as a PWAD, it uses the same WAV files as the original. However, interestingly, the DP files still exist and are included in the rip.

Audio Devices


Icon - AdLib.png Icon - General MIDI.png Icon - Pro AudioSpectrum.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png Icon - Sound Blaster AWE 32.png Icon - Sound Canvas.png Icon - UltraSound.png Icon - Wave Blaster.png


Icon - AdLib.png Icon - PC Speaker.png Icon - Pro AudioSpectrum.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png Icon - UltraSound.png

(Source: Music, Sound)

Since Chex Quest 2 is a mod of Chex Quest, it uses the same audio configuration.


  USA.svg   USA
Title: Chex Quest 2
Platform: DOS
Released: 1996-??-??
Publisher: Ralston-Purina


Chex Quest
Chex Quest Platform - DOS.png
Chex Quest 2 Platform - DOS.png
Chex Quest 3 Platform - W32.png
Notable Songs Intermission
Notable Personnel Andrew Benon
Notable Companies Digital Café • Ralston-Purina