Chex Quest (DOS)

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Chex Quest
Chex Quest - DOS - USA.jpg
Platform: DOS
Year: 1996
Developer: Digital Café
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Chex Quest is a 3D shooter based on the Doom (DOS) engine and given away with boxes of Chex cereal in 1996 (the first computer game to be released in such a way). Since it was a Doom conversion, the game had to be cleaned up an awful lot before it was sent out to children. Instead of shooting at demons, you shoot at aliens made of phlegm. Instead of a hardcore space marine, you're a giant piece of cereal. Instead of blood and bodies on the walls, you see Chex advertisements. You get the picture. Since the game is made for kids it's fairly easy, and the overall quality of the game isn't that great since it had to be completed in only five months. Still, it's one of the best and most complete total conversion of the Doom engine ever seen.


Chex Quest - DOS - Title.png

The title screen.

Chex Quest - DOS - Landing Zone.png

Flemoids aren't the sexiest enemies to exist.

Chex Quest - DOS - E1M1.png

Zorching the hell outta of a Flemoid.

Chex Quest - DOS - Intermission.png

Finished the first mission. I think I need a new set of boots.

Chex Quest - DOS - Arboretum.png

Gardens of Arboretum

Chex Quest - DOS - Caverns of Bazoik.png

The final level


Since only the first five levels of the game have been made there are only five music tracks for levels, and the additional introduction, intermission, and victory tunes. Each one is actually well composed. The cartoon sound fits perfectly to the cartoon nature of the game.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Introduction Andrew Benon 0:12
02 Level 1 Andrew Benon 3:13
03 Level 2 Andrew Benon 2:17
04 Level 3 Andrew Benon 3:52
05 Intermission Andrew Benon 1:13
06 Level 4 Andrew Benon 3:21
07 Level 5 Andrew Benon 2:01
08 Victory Andrew Benon 1:43


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Game Rip



MUS (DMX).png WAV.png DP.png



Because Chex Quest is a DOOM conversion the music is in the MUS (DMX) format and can be ripped from the Chex.WAD in the same manner that the DOOM music is ripped. Actually, Chex Quest contains some of the original DOOM music that wasn't removed in the conversion process. The MUS files were recorded with Winamp's MIDI player v3.5.

The sound effects are in two formats, WAV for digital audio playback and DP for PC speaker playback. They are included in the rip.

Audio Devices


Icon - AdLib.png Icon - General MIDI.png Icon - Pro AudioSpectrum.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png Icon - Sound Blaster AWE 32.png Icon - Sound Canvas.png Icon - UltraSound.png Icon - Wave Blaster.png


Icon - AdLib.png Icon - PC Speaker.png Icon - Pro AudioSpectrum.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png Icon - UltraSound.png

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  USA.svg   USA
Chex Quest - DOS - USA.jpg
Title: Chex Quest
Platform: DOS
Released: 1996-??-??
Publisher: Ralston-Purina


Chex Quest
Chex Quest Platform - DOS.png
Chex Quest 2 Platform - DOS.png
Chex Quest 3 Platform - W32.png
Notable Songs Intermission
Notable Personnel Andrew Benon
Notable Companies Digital Café • Ralston-Purina