Chaos Dragon - Sansara Naga (FC)

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Chaos Dragon
Composer Kenji Kawai
Released 1990-03-23
Title Origin Official

Chaos Dragon is an ambient tune that plays when the protagonist encounters the final boss in the game, the Chaos Dragon. It plays both times the player encounters the Chaos Dragon, as well as fights it in combat, instead of the normal combat theme playing.


The song title comes from the Samsara Naga 1&2 Soundtracks album and is originally written in Japanese. The Japanese text is カオスドラゴン (Kaosu Doragon) which literally translates to Chaos Dragon.


The song plays in the 4/4 time signature at approximately 100 BPM. The song doesn't contain any music so to speak, as much as ambient sound effects with a drum loop by the noise channel. The square channel quickly scales up and down notes on the lower octaves throughout. On the eighth noise channel loop, the noise channel does a fill and then goes back to the beginning.


Sansara Naga (FC)

Platform - FC.png
Sansara Naga (FC)
Output - NES.svg
Sansara Naga - FC - Chaos Dragon.png
Arranger Osamu Kasai, Masaaki Harada, Shinji Nakayama
Programmer Unknown
Released 1990-03-23
Length 0:52
BPM 100
Format NSF
Loops Yes

The song was most likely arranged by Osamu Kasai, Masaaki Harada, and/or Shinji Nakayama, as ACC, the developer, is credited for programming in the game's manual, while Kawai is credited for music, and the three have credits in other ACC titles.

The ACC audio team arranged Kenji Kawai's music in Sound Routine, their in-house sound driver, most likely in 6502 assembly machine code.

Sansara Naga 1x2 (GBA)

Platform - GBA.png
Sansara Naga 1x2 (GBA)
Output - GBA.svg
Arranger Tsukasa Tawada
Programmer Unknown
Released 2001-12-14
Format GSF
Loops Yes

The song was arranged by Tsukasa Tawada.