Castle Adventure Theme

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Castle Adventure Theme
Output - PC Speaker.svg
Castle Adventure - DOS - Title.png
Composer Kevin Bales
Arranger Kevin Bales
Released 1984-??-??
Length 0:06.77
Format MML.png
Game Castle Adventure (DOS)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No

The Castle Adventure Theme plays at the title screen of Castle Adventure (DOS). The simple PC speaker fanfare was composed by the game's developer Kevin Bales.

The song was programmed using the MML of GW-BASIC's PLAY command and extracted from the Castle.exe program. The song can be replayed with the following BASIC commands:

PLAY "MF MS T200 P1"
PLAY "MF MS T200 O2 L12 D D D G2 P4"
PLAY "L12 D D D G2 P4"
PLAY "L12 D D D L8 G D G B A G A B O3 C2 P3"
PLAY "O2 L12 D D D L8 G D G B A G O3 C O2 A G2"