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Capstone Software
Founded 1984–1988
Closed 1996
Headquarters Miami, Florida, USA

Capstone Software was a subsidiary of the video game company IntraCorp. Most of their games were cheap movie tie-ins rapidly placed in the market without much polish. Because the company was on the small side, they would often license engines from larger companies, rather than create their own.

Though it's unknown exactly when they were founded, their first published game was in 1988. After several years of lack-luster games, IntraCorp closed its doors in 1996 and took Capstone along with it.

After the company was shutdown, the key people of Capstone formed the company VRTech, which used the Build Engine to design 3D prototypes of buildings for architecture. VRTech has since closed as well.


Music Development


Most of Capstone's DOS games used the Midpak sound system.

Audio Personnel

These composers worked at Capstone Software: