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Creator Malvineous
Released 2010
Platform Linux, Windows

Camoto is a set of utilities for working with DOS games. There are utilities for archive files, graphics, music and levels, and files can be exported and imported. All the utilities are used on the command-line, except for Camoto Studio which is a graphical interface for editing preconfigured games. Using the Studio, one need not know intricacies about what format game files are in or what each file is for, as required with the command-line utilities.

Both the Studio and the command-line utility gamemus are able to play music in supported formats and the command-line utility can also render the songs as PCM audio in WAV format.


All formats are read into, and written from, an internal in-memory representation of a song. This means any format that can be read can be converted into any format that can be written. However since some formats use different types of instruments (PCM vs OPL for example), the instruments may need to be changed before the song can be written out in the desired format. The gamemus utility provides command-line parameters for this, and Camoto Studio allows this to be done through the graphical interface, although as of 2015 this is still a work in progress.

The latest information on supported file formats is available in the Camoto repository:


Latest downloads are available from the Camoto homepage