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Founded 1984-10-10
Last Release 2009-0?-??

Calippo is a brand of flavored ice in a tube. As you press the bottom, the pop comes out of the top.

Calippos are distributed by national subsidiaries of Unilever, like Good Humor in North America and Langnese in Germany, the latter of whom commissioned the only video game. The last known revival of Calippo was in mid-2009 for the then-upcoming movie Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.


Stoppt den Calippo Fresser

Notable Songs

  • Title - The only song heard in both versions.

Notable Audio Personnel

Notable Companies


Stoppt den Calippo Fresser Platform - C64.png • Platform - AMI.png
Notable Songs Title
Notable Personnel Thomas Detert • Nils Ruzicka
Notable Companies Rauser Advertainment