COTSE Spy Hunter (WEB)

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COTSE Spy Hunter
Platform: Web
Year: 2000
Developer: Exavior (COTSE Games)
Online: Play Online
For other games in the series, see Spy Hunter.

Spy Hunter is a driving game where you play a spy racing down the road in his ultra-fast sports car. You're trying to elude the villains like the hit man. Your car is equipped with machine guns.

Although the game has an interesting theme, the initial excitement wares off pretty fast. The roads are repetitive, there's only a small variety of enemies, and without an ending, your only goal becomes surpassing your previous high score.

v1.31 is the only known version of this flash game.


COTSE Spy Hunter - WEB - Loading.png

Loading screen.

COTSE Spy Hunter - WEB - Menu.png

Main menu.

COTSE Spy Hunter - WEB - Top Ten Scores.png

Top Ten Scores.

COTSE Spy Hunter - WEB - The truck.png

COTSE Truck delivering a new car.

COTSE Spy Hunter - WEB - Playing.png

Shooting my machine guns.

COTSE Spy Hunter - WEB - Game Over.png

Game Over screen.


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COTSE Spy Hunter - WEB - Album Art.jpg

The only song in the game is the Peter Gunn Theme originally composed for the spy television show by Henry Mancini.

This game's version of the song appears to be a sped-up version of the arcade theme, originally done by Neil Falconer.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Peter Gunn Theme Henry ManciniNeil Falconer 0:40


(Source: Known song; game lacks credits)

Game Rip






The music is stored in Shockwave Flash ADPCM format inside the game's SWF file and was extracted into FLV container using JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler.


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Title: COTSE Spy Hunter
Platform: Web
Released: 2000-??-??
Publisher: Exavior (COTSE Games)


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Notable Songs Peter Gunn Theme
Notable Personnel Henry Mancini
Notable Companies Midway Games