Bugler's Dream

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Bugler's Dream
Composer Léo Arnaud
Released 1958

Bugler's Dream is one of the most well known Olympic Hymns. It was composed by Léo Arnaud for Felix Slatkin's 1958 album "Charge!". It became an Olympic anthem when ABC used it as the theme for their coverage of the 1968 Winter Olympics. It would later be used as the theme for "ABC's Wide World of Sports". It left the Olympic spotlight when NBC acquired the broadcasting rights of the Olympic Games in 1988, but it was brought back for the 1992 games, and has been used ever since.


Microsoft Decathlon (DOS)

Platform - DOS.png
Microsoft Decathlon (DOS)
Arranger Timothy Smith
Released 1982-??-??
Format UNK

Decathlon (A8)

Platform - A8.png
Decathlon (A8)
Output - POKEY.svg
Arranger Paul Willson
Released 1984-??-??
Format UNK

Winter Games (FDS/NES)

Platform - NES.png
Winter Games (NES)
Output - NES.svg
Winter Games - NES - Gameplay 1.png
Arranger Kenichi Tomizawa
Released 1987-03-27
Format NSF

Like its computer counterparts, the song plays during the opening ceremony. Each time the player starts the game, they are forced to watch the entire opening ceremony and are not allowed to skip it; something many of its players criticize the game for.