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Brian L. Schmidt
Born 1963
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality American   USA.svg
Aliases BLS
SET, Inc.

Brian Schmidt is an American composer, sound designer, and sound programmer. He mostly composed for pinball and arcade games. He started in 1987 at Williams as a sound designer and programmer for arcade and pinball games. At the same time, he was also working at Midway. His first arcade game soundtrack was for NARC. In 1989, Schmidt left Williams to make his own company (Schmidt Entertainment Technologies). At the same time, he was working as a consultant for QSound Labs. As a programmer, Schmidt has developed at least one audio driver for games. Schmidt is also known for creating the BSMT2000 which was a very innovative audio device used in many pinball and arcade machines, allowing for the use of digitized speech and instruments. From 1999 to 2008, he worked at Microsoft and created most of the audio architecture to the Xbox and Xbox 360 game consoles. In 2008, he opened up his own studios. Ever since April 2009, he has been working at SoundCon as an executive director, also working at his studio. Schmidt is also a part of G.A.N.G. (Game Audio Network Guild).

Music Development


Schmidt used a modified version of the GEMS sound software and wrote his music in MIDI.


While Brian never composed for the NES, his music from the arcade version of NARC was arranged on the NES by David Wise.


Schmidt used Visual Concepts' sound engine by John Schappert and Jason Andersen. For MechWarrior 3050, Schmidt used the SLICK/Audio sound driver from Bitmasters.


Schmidt created his own 32X audio engine, and used a MIDI conversion tool.


  • Note: Though Brian is credited in Zoop (GG) and Zoop (PS1), he was not involved with either of these titles. Therefore, they do not appear on his Gameography.
Released Title Sample Notes
1987-06-?? Fire! (PBL) Sounds. With Rich Karstens and Chris Granner.
1987-09-?? Big Guns (PBL) Sound. With Chris Granner.
1987-12-?? Space Station (PBL)
1988-??-?? NARC (ARC)
1988-05-?? Banzai Run (PBL)
1988-06-?? Swords of Fury (PBL)
1989-04-?? Black Knight 2000 (PBL) With Dan Forden and Steve Ritchie.
1990-??-?? King Kong (PBL)
1990-??-?? Little Pro (PBL)
1990-06-?? Back to the Future (PBL)
1990-08-?? NARC (NES)
Arranged by David Wise.
1990-09-?? The Simpsons (PBL)
1991-??-?? Ghost Town (ARC)
1991-??-?? Joel Silver, The Pinball (PBL) Reused sounds from Star Trek (PBL).
1991-??-?? Operation Desert Storm (PBL) Rebuild of Checkpoint (PBL).
1991-??-?? Wild Horse Saloon (PBL) Reused sounds from Star Trek (PBL).
1991-02-?? Checkpoint (PBL) Recycled music from King Kong (PBL).
1991-06-?? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Data East (PBL)
1991-07-?? Batman: Data East (PBL)
1991-10-?? Star Trek (PBL)
1992-??-?? Aaron Spelling (PBL) Reused music and sounds from Lethal Weapon 3 (PBL).
1992-??-?? Michael Jordan (PBL) Reused music and sounds from Lethal Weapon 3 (PBL).
1992-01-?? Hook (PBL) Reused sounds from Batman (PBL) and Star Trek (PBL).
1992-06-04 Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf (GEN) (デザートストライク湾岸作戦)
1992-06-?? Lethal Weapon 3 (PBL)
1992-09-?? Crüe Ball (GEN)
1992-10-?? Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf (SNES)
1992-10-?? Star Wars: Data East (PBL) Reused music and sounds from Lethal Weapon 3 (PBL).
1992-11-?? T2: The Arcade Game (GB) Original Music (NARC)
1993-??-?? Double Cheese (ARC)
1993-02-?? The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends (PBL) Reused sounds from Star Trek (PBL).
1993-02-?? Harley's Humongous Adventure (SNES)
1993-04-?? Twilight Zone (PBL) Original Music (Banzai Run)
1993-04-?? Jurassic Park (PBL) Reused sounds from Star Wars: Data East (PBL).
1993-08-?? Arnon Milchan (PBL) Reused music and sounds from Last Action Hero (PBL).
1993-08-?? Last Action Hero (PBL) Reused sounds from Star Wars: Data East (PBL).
1993-08-?? Surf Ninjas (GG)
1993-09-10 Mutant League Football (GEN) (ミュータント リーグ フットボール)
1993-10-?? Madden NFL '94 (SNES)
1993-11-?? Tales from the Crypt (PBL) Reused sounds from Star Trek (PBL).
1993-12-16 Jungle Strike (GEN)
1994-??-?? Battletoads (ARC) Sound Driver
1994-??-?? Krazy Bowl (ARC)
1994-01-?? The Who's Tommy: Pinball Wizard (PBL) Arranged Pinball Wizard from The Who's Tommy.
1994-02-?? Bill Walsh College Football (SNES)
1994-03-03 Super Baseball 2020 (GEN) (2020年 スーパー ベースボール)
1994-04-?? WWF Royal Rumble (PBL)
1994-06-?? Guns N' Roses: Data East (PBL)
1994-07-?? Richie Rich (PBL) Reused sounds from Hook (PBL) and The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends (PBL).
1994-08-16 World Heroes (GEN)
1994-09-?? Maverick: The Movie (PBL)
1994-11-?? Kabuki (PBL) Reused sounds from The Who's Tommy: Pinball Wizard (PBL).
1994-11-?? Madden NFL 95 (SNES)
1995-??-?? Colorama (ARC) Reused sound from WWF Royal Rumble (PBL).
1995-01-?? Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (PBL)
1995-02-?? Baywatch (PBL)
1995-??-?? Blackthorne (32X) Arranged Glenn Stafford's music with Michael Bartlow.
1995-??-?? T-Mek (32X) Audio Driver
1995-??-?? Star Trek: Starfleet Academy - Starship Bridge Simulator (32X)
1995-??-?? Toughman Contest (32X)
1995-??-?? Toughman Contest (GEN)
1995-??-?? Weaponlord (GEN)
1995-??-?? Zoop (GEN) Sound Support Software
1995-??-?? Zoop (SNES) Arranged Bobby Scumaci and Mark Davis' music.
1995-01-31 Star Trek: Starfleet Academy - Starship Bridge Simulator (SNES)
1995-06-15 NHL All-Star Hockey '95 (GEN)
1995-07-?? Batman Forever (PBL)
1995-09-?? NHL 96 (SNES)
1995-10-?? Apollo 13 (PBL)
1995-10-?? MechWarrior 3050 (SNES) Arranged Keith Arem's music.
1996-??-?? Cut the Cheese (PBL)
1996-03-?? GoldenEye (PBL)
1995-07-?? Independence Day (PBL)
1996-10-?? Madden NFL 97 (SNES)
1996-12-?? NBA Live 97 (SNES)
1996-12-06 Space Jam (PBL)
1996-??-?? NBA Live 97 (GEN)
1996-??-?? Spider-Man: Web of Fire (32X) With Sam Powell.
1996-??-?? T-Mek (DOS) Audio Driver
1997-??-?? NBA Live 98 (GEN)
1997-03-?? The Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition (PBL)
1997-06-?? The Lost World: Jurassic Park (PBL)
1997-06-30 Aaron vs. Ruth: Battle of the Big Bats (W16)
1997-09-09 The X-Files (PBL)
1997-12-?? Starship Troopers (PBL)
1998-??-?? Viper Night Drivin' (PBL)
2002-05-08 Desert Strike Advance (GBA) Original Music
2014-09-?? The Walking Dead (PBL) Sound
2015-??-?? Game of Thrones (PBL)
Unreleased Mini Viper (PBL)
Unreleased Tattoo Assassins (ARC)