Brian Conrad

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Brian Conrad
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Born Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality American   USA.svg

Brian Conrad has done professional music work for many years. His styles included rock, jazz, and classical. He specializes in drums, but also plays keyboards.

In 1985 Conrad was writing software on the Commodore 64 in 6502 assembly. In 1988 he began working with the company Maxis Software which was still very small. His early work with Maxis included porting several games to the Amiga and developing add-on software. However, because of his musical experience, Conrad created sound effects and music for a few of the titles. Later, he became technical director, a position he held for three years. Conrad eventually left Maxis in 1997 (at which time Electronic Arts owned the company).

More recently, Conrad has been doing some contract work and also writing software for his own projects, and also the occasional video production.


Released Title Sample
1993-??-?? El-Fish (DOS)
1993-??-?? SimCity 2000 (DOS)
1993-??-?? SimFarm (DOS)
1994-??-?? SimCity 2000 (AMI)
1994-??-?? SimCity Classic (DOS)
1994-??-?? SimHealth (DOS)
1995-09-29 SimCity 2000 (SAT)
1996-06-09 SimCity 2000 (PS1)

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