Boulder Dash (CPC)

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Boulder Dash
Boulder Dash - CPC, A8 - Mirrorsoft.jpg
Platform: Amstrad CPC
Year: 1985
Developer: Dalali Software

Boulder Dash was faithfully ported to the Amstrad CPC directly from Boulder Dash (A8).

As per the CPC's reputation, you may have to get used to slowdowns during scrolling. Also, the score panel refreshes only once a second. But then, it proves as tremendously playable as other versions. Also animation is cleverly fast: The CPC easily handles 11 more colors than Boulder Dash (A8), and pixels that seem animated are really painted in those extra colors. So instead of redrawing every occurrence on screen, the game copies different sequences of the 5 main colors to the extra colors. Still, due to limits (and likely a bit of liberty), some graphics are simpler.


Boulder Dash - CPC - Title.png

The title animation. Press RETURN at least once!

Boulder Dash - CPC - Start.png

Bold jewels.

Boulder Dash - CPC - Compare.png

Aha! Colors from a PAL Atari...

Boulder Dash - CPC - Fix.png

...yet Rockford is on time.

Boulder Dash - CPC - Action.png

Fast and furious he is.

Boulder Dash - CPC - Main Menu.png

Over 20000 in N/2—again!


All original audio has been converted, with varying, tendentially dull results.

Boulders and explosions are only 3% apart in pitch, but otherwise indistinguishable.

Most uglily, the time warning and jewel sounds are drowned by amoeba and the enchanted wall, the latter being so high-pitched, someone might not hear it at all.

Funnily, during scrolling and after you die, all sounds decay faster.


To record two loops plus 10 seconds, the game was started in WinAPE Version 2.0 Beta 2.

# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Theme Peter LiepaUnknown 0:50


(No source. Game lacks audio credits.)

Issue - Missing.svg

Source verification is needed.


Game Rip








Audio Devices

This game uses the computer's built-in AY-3-8912 chip.


On disk and the first tape, the title screen does not have a ™ symbol.

  UK.svg   UK
Boulder Dash - CPC, A8 - Mirrorsoft.jpg
Title: Boulder Dash
Platform: Amstrad CPC
Released: 1985-0?-??
Publisher: Mirrorsoft Ltd.
  Australia.svg   Australia
Boulder Dash - CPC - OziSoft.jpg
Title: Boulder Dash
Platform: Amstrad CPC
Released: 198?-??-??
Publisher: Ozi Soft
  Spain.svg   Spain
Boulder Dash - CPC - Zafi Chip.jpg
Title: Boulder Dash
Platform: Amstrad CPC
Released: 198?-??-??
Publisher: Zafi Chip
  Unknown.svg   Unknown
Boulder Dash - CPC - Prism Leisure.jpg
Title: Boulder Dash
Platform: Amstrad CPC
Released: 198?-??-??
Publisher: Prism Leisure Corporation P.L.C.
  Spain.svg   Spain
Pack of Aces - CPC - Tape.jpg
Title: Pack of Aces
Platform: Amstrad CPC
Released: 1988-0?-??
Publisher: Dro Soft
  France.svg   France
Pack of Aces - CPC - Ubisoft.jpg
Title: Karate, Boulder Dash, Sigma 7
Platform: Amstrad CPC
Released: 19??-??-??
Publisher: Ubisoft


Boulder Dash
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