Boss 2 - Shinobi

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Boss 2
Composer Yasuhiro Kawakami
Released 1987-11-??
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Boss 2 is one of the background songs that plays in a boss stage in Shinobi. The title remained unnamed until 2009 when the song appeared on the official soundtrack album, Legend of Joe Musashi: Shinobi - Music Collection.


Shinobi (ARC)

Platform - ARC.png
Shinobi (ARC)
Output - OPM.svg
Shinobi - ARC - Boss 2.png
Arranger Yasuhiro Kawakami
Released 1987-11-??
Length 0:34
Format VGM

Shinobi's second boss music is heard on the even numbered mission bosses: M2S4 (Mission 2, Stage 4) and M4S4.

The System 16 hardware renders the song on a Yamaha YM2151 chip. The native format has yet to be determined, but the song has been logged to VGM.

Shinobi (NES)

Platform - NES.png
Shinobi (NES)
Arranger Unknown
Released 1989-??-??
Format NSF

Track 8 in the NSF file.

Shinobi (ZXS)

Platform - ZXS.png
Shinobi (ZXS)
Arranger Tony Williams
Released 1989-??-??
Format AY

Track 5 in the AY file.

Album Appearances

Album Released Title Track Length
Legend of Joe Musashi: Shinobi - Music Collection 2009-07-23 Boss 2 1-10 1:09
Sega System 16: Complete Soundtrack, Vol.2 2011-02-28 Boss 2 1-37