Bonus Stage - Shinobi

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Bonus Stage
Composer Yasuhiro Kawakami
Released 1987-11-??
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Bonus Stage is the background music that plays during the bonus stage in Shinobi. The title remained unnamed until 2009 when the song appeared on the official soundtrack album, Legend of Joe Musashi: Shinobi - Music Collection.


Shinobi (ARC)

Platform - ARC.png
Shinobi (ARC)
Output - OPM.svg
Shinobi - ARC - Bonus Stage.png
Arranger Yasuhiro Kawakami
Released 1987-11-??
Length 0:06
Format VGM

Bonus Stage is played during the bonus stages that occur between each mission.

The System 16 hardware renders the song on a Yamaha YM2151 chip. The native format has yet to be determined, but the song has been logged to VGM.

Shinobi (NES)

Platform - NES.png
Shinobi (NES)
Arranger Unknown
Released 1989-??-??
Format NSF

Track 9 in the NSF file.

Shinobi (ZXS)

Platform - ZXS.png
Shinobi (ZXS)
Arranger Tony Williams
Released 1989-??-??
Format AY

Track 9 in the AY file.

Album Appearances

Album Released Title Track Length
Legend of Joe Musashi: Shinobi - Music Collection 2009-07-23 Bonus Stage 1-07 0:42
Sega System 16: Complete Soundtrack, Vol.2 2011-02-28 Bonus Stage 1-34