Bonus Level 2

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Bonus Level 2
Output - SID.svg
Composer Martin Galway, Jon Hare
Arranger Martin Galway
Released 1987-??-??
Length 3:04
Format SID.png
Game Wizball (C64)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Bonus Level 2 begins with a bass solo that varies in complexity as it progresses with a tiny bit of popping at the start. Then, at around 1:15, it changes to a rapid electric guitar scaling, and then it switches back to bass at 1:40. The second bass part features a second bass playing slowly along a rapid bass harmony.

Bonus Level 2 plays in the bonus rounds that occur after you've collected all the needed colors and are traveling from the combat area back to your wizard's laboratory, but it only plays every other time, the other half of the time you hear Bonus Level 1.

Galway had the following to say about this track:

Tune #5, the bonus screen tune, consists of several short riffs, and John Hare came up with the most musical ones on his bass guitar. I remember he would come up with the riffs, playing them over and over at full volume on his band's P.A. in their rented terraced house in Southend (not caring about what the neighbours thought!!!) - and while they went out to get me a "blow-out" burger at 3 AM, I would be transcribing it and enhancing it (a little).

This track is found on the Project: Galway album. It is track 5 in the SID file.