Blaster Master (NES)

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Blaster Master
Blaster Master - NES - USA.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1988
Developer: Tokai Engineering
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This page is for the NES game, for other games in the series see Blaster Master.

In Blaster Master you play a young boy named Jason whose pet frog escapes into a swamp and onto a box of radioactive waste. This mutates the frog and it disappears down a pit in the swamp, with Jason following. When Jason gets to the bottom of the pit there is a huge mechanized tank waiting for him to drive. Best intro ever!

The game plays as an action/adventure. You drive around in your tank in a platform side-view, killing enemies, and picking up power-ups. There are also small underground tunnels that you must leave the safety of your tank to enter which switches you to a top-down view. Once inside you'll find better power-ups, and eventually the boss of the area. The bosses are often difficult, but are pretty creative, like giant crab monsters, huge fire spitting frogs, bizarre blobs with orbiting fireballs, and several others. Upon beating each boss you're given a special device which will enhance your tank and let you get to the next area. These enhancements include more powerful weapons, the ability to hover, the ability to maneuver underwater, and even the ability to climb on walls and the ceiling. Although the progression of each area is linear, their locations are not. Part of the fun of the game is having to go back and forth through old areas with your new power-ups and breezing though the sections that used to be really hard.

The game is a lot of fun, but it is not without its faults. A save ability or even a password system would have helped greatly because the game is very long and it's annoying to have to replay all the old parts every time you start again. The gun that you have in the overhead-view tunnels is really annoying, and gets weaker with every hit you take, and some of the enemies move too fast for you to avoid no matter how powerful your gun is. Also, breakable blocks replenish themselves as soon as you leave the screen, which makes it difficult to remember which ones you've cleaned out in a room. The last two tank enhancements make the controls hard to use. Finally, in the last couple areas the game gets extremely difficult.

However, after all of that, Blaster Master is still one of the better NES games and has a nice cult following.


Blaster Master - NES - Title.png

The title screen.

Blaster Master - NES - Opening.png

The totally plausible story line.

Blaster Master - NES - Area 1.png

Tromping around area 1.

Blaster Master - NES - Tunnels.png

Collecting powerups in the tunnels.

Blaster Master - NES - Boss.png

Battling the first boss.

Blaster Master - NES - Area 2.png

The Gothic realm of Area 2.


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Blaster Master - NES - Album Art.jpg

Blaster Master has really high quality music for a 1988 NES game. SunSoft's percussion is especially nice. The background music is well fitted to the theme of each area, and there is an encompassing motif to the soundtrack as a whole. Shinichi Seya, a former Sunsoft staff member has revealed the alias of Marumo as Naohisa Morota, one of the main sound programmers at Sunsoft. Shinichi said that he also made the music driver for this game. The music had to be entered in 6502 assembly language.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Opening Naoki Kodaka 0:35
02 Area 1 Naoki Kodaka 2:17
03 Area 2 Naoki Kodaka 1:07
04 Area 3 Naoki Kodaka 2:32
05 Area 4 Naoki Kodaka 1:17
06 Area 5 Naoki Kodaka 1:17
07 Area 6 Naoki Kodaka 1:40
08 Area 7 Naoki Kodaka 1:36
09 Area 8 Naoki Kodaka 1:56
10 Boss Intro Naoki Kodaka 0:08
11 Boss Music 1 Naoki Kodaka 0:16
12 Boss Music 2 Naoki Kodaka 0:17
13 Powerup Naoki Kodaka 0:04
14 Change Areas Naoki Kodaka 0:01
15 Game Over Naoki Kodaka 0:04
16 Ending Naoki Kodaka 1:36


(Source. We're still missing a source for Shinichi Seya's contribution.)

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  Japan.svg   Japan
Blaster Master - FC - Japan.jpg
Title: 超惑星戦記メタファイト (Super Planetary War Records: Meta Fight)
Platform: Famicom
Released: 1988-06-17
Publisher: Sunsoft
  USA.svg   USA
Blaster Master - NES - USA.jpg
Title: Blaster Master
Platform: NES
Released: 1988-11-??
Publisher: Sunsoft
  France.svg   France
Blaster Master - NES - France.jpg
Title: Blaster Master
Platform: NES
Released: 1991-04-25
Publisher: Sunsoft