Big Karnak (ARC)

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Big Karnak
Big Karnak - ARC - Flyer Front.jpg
Platform: ARC
Year: 1991
Developer: Gaelco S.A.

Big Karnak is an action arcade game developed and published by the Spanish game developer Gaelco.

The player takes control of an unnamed male protagonist. The story is similar to Ghosts 'n Goblins; a big bad monster takes your girl away, and you must fight through several levels to find and kill him and get her back. The gameplay is even similar to Ghosts 'n Goblins as well, though the difficulty isn't as brutal. You must slash your way through various Egyptian-themed enemies and bosses, whilst solving a few puzzles here and there. The game has three Phases (or Stages) with two or three Zones each. It even has a map shown between levels similar to Ghosts 'n Goblins. It seems the developers were inspired by the game while making Big Karnak.

Though the game was developed in Spain, it appears to have only been released in North America.


Big Karnak - ARC - Title Screen.png

Title screen.

Big Karnak - ARC - Game Start.png

Hey! What are you doing?

Big Karnak - ARC - Phase 1 Zone 1.png

The first stage.

Big Karnak - ARC - Level Transition.png

The level transition screen, which looks a lot like Ghosts 'n Goblins.

Big Karnak - ARC - Boss 1.png

Fighting the first boss.

Big Karnak - ARC - Solutions to the Enigmas.png

The second stage requires you to solve puzzles.


For 1991, Big Karnak has a very nice musical score; There are 21 tracks in all, and each one fits well with the theme of the game. Each Phase shares the same overall theme, but each Zone has its own variation of the theme for a seamless transition between levels. Also, each song in the game plays about a minute long, and since each level only takes about a few minutes to complete, it's less likely to get annoying. Many of the songs contain a brass section-type sound, and plays in scales heard in Egyptian music.

The game's soundtrack was written by one of Gaelco's co-founders, Josep Quingles. However, how exactly he did the music is unknown.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Credit Josep Quingles 0:03
02 Game Start Josep Quingles 0:12
03 Phase 1 Zone 1 Josep Quingles 2:15
04 Level Transition Josep Quingles 0:28
05 Phase 1 Zone 2 Josep Quingles 1:21
06 Boss Theme Josep Quingles 1:30
07 Stage Clear Josep Quingles 0:12
08 Phase 2 Zone 1 (Outside) Josep Quingles 1:21
09 Solutions to the Enigmas Josep Quingles 0:46
10 Phase 2 Zone 1 (Inside) Josep Quingles 1:21
11 Phase 2 Zone 2 Josep Quingles 1:57
12 Phase 3 Zone 1 (Land) Josep Quingles 1:21
13 Phase 3 Zone 1 (Ship) Josep Quingles 1:57
14 Phase 3 Zone 2 (Land) Josep Quingles 1:21
15 Phase 3 Zone 2 (Ship) Josep Quingles 1:57
16 Phase 3 Zone 3 Josep Quingles 1:57
17 Final Boss (Part 1) Josep Quingles 4:06
18 Final Boss (Part 2) Josep Quingles 2:27
19 Game Over Josep Quingles 0:05
20 Ending Theme Josep Quingles 2:33
21 Name Entry Josep Quingles 0:46



Game Rip




The music was logged to VGM format during game play. A true audio program rip does not yet exist. It was recorded with VGM Input in Winamp.

Audio Devices

The game music is synthesized on the YM3812 chip and the sound effects play on a OKI26M95.


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Big Karnak - ARC - Flyer Front.jpg
Title: Big Karnak
Platform: ARC
Released: 1991-??-??
Publisher: Gaelco S.A.