Balance Is Restored

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Balance Is Restored
Output - SNES.svg
Composer Nobuo Uematsu
Arranger Nobuo Uematsu
Programmer Minoru Akao
Released 1994-04-02
Length 21:38
Format SPC.png
Game Final Fantasy III (SNES)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Balance Is Restored plays through the game's extensive ending sequence. The song, like the ending, is over 20 minutes long and includes elements from various other songs that played throughout the game.

When this was released, it made history as the longest non-repeating game ending by far, and it really raised the bar for future game endings.

Near the end of the song, the original Final Fantasy (NES) Opening Theme is heard.


The song's title varies depending on your source. This site uses the most recent American release of the official soundtrack.

Title Transliteration Source
Balance Is Restored US iTunes soundtrack
Ending Theme US OSV
蘇る緑 (Yomigaeru Midori) Resurrection of Green Japan OSV


The following games include the song as well, but they emulate the music and sound the same.

  • Final Fantasy Anthology PAL (PS1)
  • Final Fantasy VI (AND)
  • Final Fantasy VI (FOS)
  • Final Fantasy VI (GBA)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PS1)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PS3)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PSV)
  • Final Fantasy VI (WII)
  • Final Fantasy VI (WIIU)

Album Appearances

The song appears on the Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version.


Due to technical reasons, the song had to be split into two separate files in the game's data. They are named 60.1 - Balance Is Restored #1.spc and 60.2 - Balance Is Restored #2.spc in the rip. The ripped tracks are 11:02 and 10:36 seconds long respectively.