Atelier Double

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Atelier Double
Founded 1986-12-26
Headquarters Japan

Atelier Double (株式会社アトリエドゥーブル) was a Japanese game developer founded by Toshiro Inoue. They are probably best known for their egregious NES adaptation of Winter Games, as well as the Game Boy versions of Boxxle (Soukoban). They also made the SNES game Mega Man's Soccer. The company usually worked with Pony Canyon.

Most of their NES games lacked credits. According to Kenichi Tomizawa, this was because they were developed at a time where game credits were uncommon.


Music Development

Game Boy

Kenichi Tomizawa programmed a sound driver using the Game Boy's modified Z80 chip, and the music was written in assembly.


Kenichi Tomizawa programmed a sound driver in 6502 assembly programming, in which the music had to be written that way.


A sound driver was programmed by Kenichi Tomizawa and Hidekazu Hirano in 1992. Fumihiko Hirose also may have had something to do with the sound driver based on the credits of Ranma Nibunnoichi Ougi Jaanken. It's possible he just made enhancements to the driver.

Audio Personnel