Atari 5200

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Platform - A52.png
Atari 5200
Platform - Atari 5200.jpg
Released: 1982-11-??
Discontinued: 1984-05-21
Developer: Atari
Type: Hardware

The Atari 5200 is a second-generation home video game console designed and sold by Atari, Inc. to compete with the other consoles out-pacing the aging Atari 2600. The hardware was based on the architecture of the Atari 800 home computer which allowed it far better capabilities than the 2600 including more memory and better graphics and sound. It only existed for NTSC.


Although the Atari 5200 was superior to the 2600, it wasn't nearly as popular and released less than 70 games in its lifetime. Most of these games were superior ports of earlier Atari 2600 games.

Music and Sound

The Atari 5200's sound capabilities came from a specialized chip called the POKEY or Pot Keyboard Integrated Circuit which was also used in the Atari 800 as well as several Atari arcade cabinets. It offered superior audio quality than the TIA found in the Atari 2600.


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As of July 2022, no "native" rip format exists. However, some of the music is ripped to VGM or adjusted to the Atari 8-bit and the SAP format.