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Released 1987-??-??
Programmers Ian Crabtree, Wally Beben, Charles Deenen
Language 6502 Assembly

Ariston was a popular Commodore 64 music driver in the United Kingdom of the late 1980s.

Ian Crabtree created the driver in 1987 with help and updates from Wally Beben. In late 1987, Maniacs of Noise asked Beben how he did the "phasing" effect. After Beben sent them the source code, they added better drums and sent it back.

Philip Brabbin programmed the official editor. However, almost all composers arranged in a 6502 assembler. As a result, several modified versions of the driver exist as well, all tuned at 424 or 434 Hz.

In 1988, Beben ported Ariston to Atari ST and Amiga with help of a very good friend, game programmer Chris from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.