Arctic (PC98)

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Arctic - PC98 - Japan.jpg
Platform: PC98
Year: 1988
Developer: Artdink

Arctic is a puzzle game by Artdink, the same company who created the A-Train series. The game calls itself an "Active Rail Playing" game. In the game, your goal is to get the orange and blue balls back to their station. You do this by changing the orange and blue paths around the map to guide the balls back. There are also white balls that, if the orange and blue balls come into contact, they bounce back in the other direction. This can both help and hinder the player, depending on the given situation. The red balls in the later levels can destroy the other balls, resulting in a game over. There are 30 maps which can be accessed anytime during the game. You can also set the speed of the game.

Though the game was never released outside of Japan, the game itself is completely in English. The game was also released for other platforms including the MSX and Famicom.


Arctic - PC98 - Title Screen.png

The game's title screen.

Arctic - PC98 - Gameplay 1.png

Playing the first level.

Arctic - PC98 - Gameplay 2.png

Viewing the settings.

Arctic - PC98 - Gameplay 3.png

Watch out for the red balls!

Arctic - PC98 - Game Over.png


Arctic - PC98 - Win Screen.png

I win!


The game's audio leaves a lot to be desired, even for a game from 1988. There is only one in-game tune that also plays at the title screen. There is also a game over and victory jingle that plays in the respective situations. However, like the game, the in-game tune is fast paced, about 195 BPM. The name of the songs come from the Famicom version's sound test. The locations of which the songs play in the Famicom version match the locations where they play in the PC-9801 version.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Arctic Main BGM UnknownUnknown 1:48
02 Game Over BGM UnknownUnknown 0:07
03 Winner BGM UnknownUnknown 0:08


The game should be checked for credits after beating the final level. There are no credits in the game's instruction manual.

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Source verification is needed.


Game Rip




Audio Devices

The music plays on the YM2608 OPNA chip, and as a result, has superior sound to all other versions.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Arctic - PC98 - Japan.jpg
Title: アークティック (Arctic)
Platform: PC98
Released: 1988-05-??
Publisher: Pony Canyon Inc.


Arctic Platform - FC.png • Platform - FM7.png • Platform - MSX.png • Platform - PC88.png • Platform - PC98.png • Platform - X1.png
Notable Songs Arctic Main BGM
Notable Personnel Unknown • Yoshio Kobayashi
Notable Companies Artdink • Crosstalk • Pony Canyon