Apache Strike (MAC)

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Apache Strike
Apache Strike - MAC.jpg
Platform: Macintosh Plus
Year: 1987
Developer: Silicon Beach Software, Inc.
For another games from this series, see Apache Strike.

Apache Strike is a flight simulator, where you are flying over the city streets on Apache helicopter and fighting against different technic (tanks, another helicopters, etc.)

Contrary to the C64 and DOS releases (released about two years later), this game has much better gameplay, sound (it even had a speech) and sprites (although it was only black and white). Also, this verion use third-person view, although C64 and DOS use first-person. Unfortunatelly, arranger couldn't use full Macintosh sound capabilities, so Commodore version of this tune is much better.

Like the other releases, this game use good real 3D engine, better, than C64 version, but DOS version was better than MAC in some parts.


Apache Strike - MAC - Title.jpg

The title screen.

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The game's only song is the Apache Strike Theme which plays at the the title screen, and sounds to be a combination of the Airwolf Main Theme and Vultan's Theme (Attack of the Hawk Men).


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Apache Strike Theme Freddie Mercury, Sylvester LevayUnknown 1:52


(Source: Recognizable bars, game lacks credits.)

Game Rip





This game still needs to be ripped. The actual recording was made from the game.

Audio Devices

It's unknown what chip was used in Mac SE and Mac Plus platforms for audio.


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Apache Strike - MAC.jpg
Title: Apache Strike
Platform: Macintosh Plus
Released: 1987-10-??
Publisher: Silicon Beach Software, Inc.


Apache Strike
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Notable Songs Apache Strike Theme
Notable Personnel Queen • Sylvester Levay • Chris Teslak
Notable Companies Silicon Beach Software • Activision