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Altron - 01.png
Founded 1983-09-10
Headquarters TKB Gotenyama Building 4F, 5-9-41 Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0001, Japan

Altron (株式会社アルトロン Kabushikigaisha Arutoron = Altron Co., Ltd.) is a Japanese development studio and publishing company founded on September 10, 1983.

The company started off by localizing western-developed games for the Japanese market for the Famicom. During the Game Boy Color era, the company started to participate in game development. Around this time, the company started to release their games in North America and Europe through other developers. Altron then began to develop games based on western licenses including Dexter's Laboratory and Danny Phantom. While the company primarily focused on handheld game development, they also developed and published games for other platforms as well such as the Playstation and Sega Saturn.

The company usually did not put staff credits in their games until the Game Boy Advance era and onward, as well as a few of their Playstation titles.

Today, Altron continues to exist as a game development and publishing company. They still primarily work on handheld games for platforms such as iPhone and Android.


Audio Development

Game Boy Color

Most of the Altron-developed Game Boy Color games using their sound driver featured the following text:


The identities of these developers is not currently clear. However, it is possible T. Sakai programmed the sound driver, Jami designed it, and K. Takahashi may have converted the composers' compositions into the sound engine (or even wrote a tool to convert composers' songs into the driver).

It is unknown if the K. Takahashi mentioned is the same one who worked at Coconuts Japan.

Game Boy Advance

Tomoyoshi Sato appears to be the only composer who worked on Altron's GBA games. He used Nintendo's MP2K engine.

Audio Personnel