Altered Beast (ARC)

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Altered Beast
Altered Beast - ARC - USA.jpg
Platform: System 16
Year: 1988
Developer: Sega
For other versions of the game, see Altered Beast.

Altered Beast is a side scrolling platform beat-em-up. In the story, Zeus resurrects you from your tomb to rescue his daughter Athena who has been kidnapped by the god Neff. You begin as a mere mortal, but you can collect floating orbs by killing white two-headed wolves. Each orb you collect increases your strength dramatically. Upon getting a third orb, you transform into a beast man. You change into a different beast depending on the level, and there are five levels. Each level ends with Neff taking the form of a huge monster that you must defeat.


Altered Beast - ARC - Title.png

The game's title screen.

Altered Beast - ARC - Introduction.png

Wise from your gwave!

Altered Beast - ARC - Stage 1.png

Kicking zombies in the shins on a wall of tombstones.

Altered Beast - ARC - Power Up.png

It just got real!

Altered Beast - ARC - Boss.png

One of the more creative bosses in video game history.

Altered Beast - ARC - Stage Clear.png

Things aren't going so well for Athena.


VGMPF Album Art       Icon-Help.png

Altered Beast - ARC - Album Art.jpg

The soundtrack was composed by Tohru Nakabayashi, who composed many of Sega's arcade soundtracks in this era. The titles come from the Galaxy Force album.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Rise From Your Grave (Round 1, 4) Tohru Nakabayashi 4:02
02 Closed In Upon Me (Round 2, 5) Tohru Nakabayashi 2:28
03 I'll Be Back (Round 3) Tohru Nakabayashi 3:03
04 Altered Beast (Power Up) Tohru Nakabayashi 2:50
05 Gaum-Hermer (Boss Theme) Tohru Nakabayashi 2:16
06 Crystal Theme (Round Up) Tohru Nakabayashi 0:09
07 Game Over ~ Name Entry Tohru Nakabayashi 0:40
08 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (Ending) Tohru Nakabayashi 2:25



After the game is beaten, a photo of the developers is shown. However, no roles are given, the developers use 3-letter names, and their eyes have been crossed out. Sega staff and official soundtracks have since confirmed Tohru Nakabayashi (credited as NAK.) as the game's composer and sound designer.


Galaxy Force

Galaxy Force - GSM - Sega 1 - S.S.T. Band - Cover.jpg


Game Rip






No data rips of this game yet exist, but VGM files of the songs do. They were recorded in Winamp using the VGM Input plugin v0.40.3

Audio Devices

The music is played on the YM2151 audio chip (clocked at 4 MHz) and the sound effects on the UPD7759 (clocked at 640 KHz).


  Japan.svg   Japan
Title: 獣王記 (Beast King's Chronicle)
Platform: System 16
Released: 1988-??-??
Publisher: Sega
  USA.svg   USA
Altered Beast - ARC - USA.jpg
Title: Altered Beast
Platform: System 16
Released: 1988-??-??
Publisher: Sega