Alligators are Unfriendly

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Alligators are Unfriendly
Composer Jack Prelustky
Released c. 1984
Title Origin Official

Alligators are Unfriendly is a poet folk song sung by Jack Prelutsky. Orignated from his poetry book, The New Kid on the Block in 1984.


Living Books - The New Kid on The BLock by Jack Prelutsky (MAC)

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Living Books - The New Kid on The Block by Jack Prelutsky (MAC)
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Alligators are Unfriendly.jpg
Arranger Unknown
Released 1993-??-??
Format UNK

Jack Prelutsky would sing the song while you decide on the menu screen.


Alligators are unfriendly,
they are easily upset,
I suspect that I would never
care to have one for a pet.
Oh, I know they do not bellow,
and I think they do not shed,
but I'd probably be nervous
if I had one in my bed.

Alligators are not clever,
they are something of a bore,
they can't heel or catch a Frisbee,
they don't greet you at the door,
for their courtesy is lacking,
and their tempers are not sweet,
they won't even fetch your slippers
…though they just might eat your feet.