All Together Now

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All Together Now
Composer Yuzo Koshiro
Released 1987-07-17
Title Origin Translation
Loops Yes

All Together Now (オール・トゥゲザー・ナウ) plays in the common area of the dungeon that is accessible by all characters. Though the song has a fairly different instrument sound between the NES and MSX versions of the game, the song is essentially the same.

The title is translated from Japanese on the official MSX soundtrack.


Legacy of the Wizard (NES)

Platform - NES.png
Legacy of the Wizard (NES)
Output - NES.svg
Legacy of the Wizard - NES - Common Area.png
Arranger Yuzo Koshiro
Released 1987-07-17
Length 0:31.23
Format NSF

All Together Now has a much richer sound on the NES than the MSX. The song is track 1 in the NSF file and plays on the RP2A03.

Dragon Slayer IV: Drasle Family (MSX)

Platform - MSX.png
Dragon Slayer IV: Drasle Family (MSX)
Output - SSG.svg
Dragon Slayer 4 - MSX2 - All Together.png
Arranger Yuzo Koshiro, Mieko Ishikawa
Released 1987-10-??
Length 0:31.20
Format KSS

The MSX version of the song has a more mechanical sound to it than the NES version. The song is track 1 in the KSS file and is played on the AY-3-8910 on the MSX and the identical-sounding YM2149 on the MSX2.