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Alfred Chicken
Founded 1993-??-??

Alfred Chicken (a pun on Chicken Alfredo) is an action-platformer developed by Twilight and published by Mindscape. The game and characters were designed by Jason McGann. The player takes the role of the titular character and must traverse several levels with odd themes such as toys and cheese. The series was exclusive to Europe and North America, though the Game Boy version was an exception, with the game seeing release in Japan. The last two games in the series for the Game Boy Color and PlayStation were exclusive to Europe only.


Alfred Chicken

The first game is a straightforward action game. Alfred must locate all balloons on each level to proceed. After the first level, there is a bonus stage where Alfred can earn more points. After all balloons have been found on each level past level 1, Alfred will face off against a Meka Chicken, which serves as a boss.

The game is difficult because Alfred dies in just one hit, and there are no continues after all of Alfred's lives are spent. Also, the player must find a secret watercan on each level to attain the "good" ending.

The Game Boy version is the only release of any game of the series made it to Japan, albeit heavily modified.

Super Alfred Chicken

Alfred's Adventure

Alfred Chicken (2002)


Alfred Chicken

The game's original score for the Amiga, Game Boy, and NES was written by video game music legend David Whittaker, with Mark Knight assisting David on the CD32 version.

The music has a sort of country/comedic feel to it. The instrumentation mainly consists of synthesizers. Fortunately, Whittaker worked on the Game Boy and NES soundtracks, ensuring accuracy to the Amiga soundtrack. While the original game did not offer many songs, most of the songs in the game were very long for NES standards, being around 3-4 minutes in length. However, many phrases are repeated, as well as being transposed up a key, indicative of Whittaker's music style. This could have been a result of having to painstakingly write the music in machine code.

In some parts of the game, Alfred can activate a radio, which only changes the music. The music the radio plays bears an uncanny resemblance to The Ballad of Jed Clampett from The Beverly Hillbillies TV series, composed by Paul Henning.

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Alfred Chicken
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