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Founded 1986-09-22

Alf is a character created by alien productions (often wrongly credited as game developer).

In 1986, the planet Melmac explodes, and one of its furry inhabitants, 228 years young Gordon Shumway, escapes in a spaceship. On earth, he crashes on the garage of the Tanner family. They soon take a liking to Alf, as they call him, short for "alien life form". However, everyone also realizes that Alf is stranded and must hide from everybody, especially the alien task force. Later, they learn that his Melmacian friends Skip, Rick, Stella and his love Rhonda escaped, too. The most popular running gag is that Melmac's planetary dish are cats. In the original sitcom, Alf never gets to eat a cat and meets only about a dozen humans. In the cartoon prequel, he wears a yellow Hawaiian shirt.

None of the games was received very well or use the shows' music, and they probably all were only released in America.


Alf the First Adventure



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