Akito Nakatsuka

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Akito Nakatsuka
Akito Nakatsuka.jpg
Local 中塚章人 (なかつか あきと)
Gender Male
Born 1954?
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases A. Nakatuka

Akito Nakatsuka is Japanese composer, sound designer, sound programmer, and sound producer who had been working with Nintendo since 1984.

He has composed music for several of Nintendo's games across multiple gaming platforms. His best known soundtracks are Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES) and Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (NES). In addition, Nakatsuka composed many of Nintendo's "black box" games such as Clu Clu Land, Excitebike, and Ice Climber. He also composed the music to the Super Game Boy. During Nintendo's development for the BS Satellaview games in Japan, he composed the music to a vast majority of those games.

It appears Nakatsuka left Nintendo around 2012 or 2013.

Audio Development

Akito Nakatsuka seems to sometimes write in the key of F and use either several triplets and/or dotted eighth notes followed by sixteenth notes in a similar fashion to Nobuyuki Ohnogi.


Akito first used a sound engine written by Hirokazu Tanaka. Then, he ended up programming his own sound engine around 1986. Back then, assembly was the only way to make music. His sound driver took advantage of the Famicom Disk System's audio capabilities.

Composers such as Soyo Oka and Shinobu Amayake worked under Nakatsuka, and as a result, used his sound driver.


Akito used his own variant of Nintendo's Kankichi-kun sound driver. Music was written in macros on a Sony NEWS computer.


Released Title Sample Notes
1984-10-05 Devil World (FC) (デビルワールド)
With Koji Kondo.
1984-11-22 Clu Clu Land (NES) (クルクルランド)
1984-11-30 Excitebike (NES) (エキサイトバイク)
1985-01-30 Ice Climber (NES) (アイスクライマー)
1986-02-21 Family Computer Disk System (FDS) (ファミリーコンピュータ ディスクシステム)
1986-08-27 I Am a Teacher: Super Mario's Sweater (FDS) (アイ アム ア ティーチャー スーパーマリオのセーター)
1986-09-26 I Am a Teacher: Basic Hand Knitting (FDS) (アイ アム ア ティーチャー 手あみのきそ)
1986-??-?? FamicomBox (FC) (ファミコンボックス)
1987-01-14 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES) (リンクの冒険)
1987-02-21 Famicom Golf: Japan Course (FDS) (ファミコン ゴルフ: ジャパン コース) With Yumiko Kametani.
1987-06-14 Famicom Golf: USA Course (FDS) (ファミコン ゴルフ: USA コース) With Yumiko Kametani.
1987-10-?? Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (NES) (マイクタイソン・パンチアウト!!)
With Kenji Yamamoto and Yukio Kaneoka.
1988-11-30 Kaettekita Mario Bros. (FDS) (帰ってきた マリオブラザーズ) New Music Only
1988-12-09 Vs. Excitebike (FDS) (VS.エキサイトバイク) Sound Driver
1991-09-20 NES Open Tournament Golf (NES) (マリオ オープン ゴルフ)
1995-04-24 BS-X Satellaview (SFC) (BS-X サテラビュー)
1995-06-14 Super Game Boy (SNES) (スーパーゲームボーイ)
1996-??-?? JRA PAT (SFC) Composer?/Sound Driver
1997-??-?? BS Zelda no Densetsu (SFC) (BSゼルダの伝説)
1997-05-11 Excitebike Bunbun Mario Battle Stadium 1 (SFC) Composer?/Sound Driver
1997-05-18 Excitebike Bunbun Mario Battle Stadium 2 (SFC) Composer?/Sound Driver
1997-12-01 Heisei Shin Oniga Shima: Kouhen (SFC)
1998-01-30 Super Game Boy 2 (SFC)
1999-06-25 Sutte Hakkun (SFC)
2005-05-19 Brain Age: Train Your Brain In Minutes a Day (NDS) (東北大学未来科学技術共同研究センター川島隆太教授監修 脳を鍛える大人のDSトレーニング) With Minako Hamano.
2013 (TBA) Daigasso! Band Brothers DS (3DS) (大合奏!バンドブラザーズ3DS)
Unknown Bdash Gatsu-Go (SFC) (ビーダッシュ)
Unknown Cassette Kensaki - NUS-you S Cassette (SFC) Composer?/Sound Driver
Unknown Famicom Disk Writer (FDS)
Unknown Satella Walker: Sate Bou no Sukuidasu! (SFC)
Unreleased SNES Burn-In Test Cart (SNES)

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