Akari Kaida

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Akari Kaida
Akari Kaida - 1.jpg
Local 海田 明里 (かいだ あかり)
Born 1974 January 10
Birth Place Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
  • Akari.K -Lemon-
Website about.me/akarikaida

Akari Kaida has been in the video game music business ever since the mid 1990s. She attended the Osaka College of Music and graduated in 1994. In April, she started working for Capcom and composed the music to many of their titles, including Resident Evil and Onimusha Tactics. At the beginning of 2005, Kaida left Capcom. Ever since, she's been working at Studio RainbowScore as a composer, lyricist, arranger and producer.


Released Title Sample
1995-03-?? NightWarriors (ARC) (ヴァンパイアハンター Darkstalker's Revenge)
1995-04-?? Cyberbots (ARC) (サイバーボッツ FULLMETAL MADNESS)
1996-03-22 Resident Evil (PS1) (バイオハザード)
1997-09-11 Breath of Fire III (PS1) (ブレスオブファイア3)
1998-04-24 Mega Man & Bass (SNES)
1999-07-01 Dino Crisis (PS1) (ディノクライシス)
2000-09-06 Dino Crisis (DC)
2001-03-21 Mega Man Battle Network (GBA) (バトルネットワーク ロックマンEXE[エグゼ])
2004-02-26 Onimusha 3: Demon Siege (PS2) (鬼武者3)
2007-02-08 Luminous Arc (DS) (ルミナスアーク)
2008-05-15 Luminous Arc 2 (DS) (ルミナスアーク2 ウィル)

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