Air Fortress Interior - Air Fortress (NES)

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Air Fortress Interior
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Composer Hideki Kanazashi
Arranger Hideki Kanazashi
Programmer Hiroaki Suga
Released 1987-08-17
Length 2:01 (NTSC) / 2:02 (PAL)
BPM 181 (NTSC) / 180 (PAL)
Format NSF.png
Game Air Fortress (NES)
Title Origin File Name
Loops Yes

Air Fortress Interior plays when the player is in the second segment of each level in Air Fortress (NES).

The song was written by Hideki Kanazashi in Music Maker. Hideki should be contacted for an official title. The song title comes from the NSFE file.


The song starts out in the key of A major and with a 7/4 time signature. At approximately 0:18, the song repeats again, but in the key of D major. After this, at approximately 0:37, the time signature changes to 3/4, and the song's key changes to G major. At 0:53, the song returns to 7/4 and returns to the original A major key, and plays a bar before looping from the start.

The song differs slightly between versions; The Japanese version plays the instrumentation louder, in the North American and European versions, the instrumentation was changed to play quieter. In addition, the European version plays the song approximately a ¼ step flat. The original Famicom Disk System version makes use of the extra wavetable channel supplied by the Disk System's RP2C33, and is used for bass.