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Adventures of Lolo / Eggerland
Local エッガーランド
Founded 1985-??-??

Adventures of Lolo was a series of action-puzzler games developed and published by HAL Laboratory. The player takes control of a blue sphere-like character with a tail and arms and legs named Lolo (Roro (ロロ) in Japanese). The goal is to save Princess Lala (looks identical to Lolo, but is pink and wears a bow) from the Great King Egger. The series began life on the MSX computer in Europe and Japan and titled Eggerland, in which there were two games; Eggerland Mystery, and Eggerland Mystery 2. In 1987, the second game was ported to the Famicom Disk System, simply titled Eggerland. Later, a sequel with a construction mode titled Eggerland: Souzouhe no Tabidachi was also released for the Disk System. It wouldn't be until 1989 when North America would see an Eggerland game in the series, which was released on the NES. However, even though the story and gameplay elements are identical with the previous games, the series was retitled to Adventures of Lolo. The European version also uses this name, instead of the Eggerland name. In 1990, a sequel to the NES game was released, and, interestingly like the European franchise, the Japanese version of the series retitled the game to the Adventures of Lolo name as well. However, since this was the first game to use the Lolo name, instead of naming it Adventures of Lolo 2 like in North America in Europe, the 2 is omitted from the game's title. At the end of 1990, HAL released Adventures of Lolo 2 in Japan, which would later release in 1991 in North America as Adventures of Lolo 3, making it the last game in the series for the North American market. Europe and Japan also received a Game Boy title around this time. In 1996, Revival! Eggerland was released for Windows 16-bit operating systems in Japan, and was the final game in the series. This game also allows the player to select Lala as a playable character, though there's no difference between the two characters. Though both Lolo and Lala have appeared in other HAL-developed titles since, they have not received their own game.


The Adventures of Lolo series has several genres of music. Most of it is jazz and Latin-oriented. However, there are a few songs throughout the series that have utilize electric guitars with a rock'n roll style. All of the early titles from the MSX to the NES era were composed by Hideki Kanazashi, who had also worked on Mach Rider, and was at the time HAL's lead in-house composer.

The Game Boy version was written by Manami Matsumae of Mega Man fame. Since the game has heavy musical elements around its story, it naturally delivers in the audio department, and even reuses the sound effects of the NES games.


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