Adventure Soft

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Adventure Soft
Headquarters Birmingham, UK
Other Names Horror Soft

Adventure Soft is an English development studio founded by Mike Woodroffe. As the name suggests, they mostly developed point-and-click adventure titles. They are probably best known for developing Simon the Sorcerer.

When the company was developing horror-themed adventure games, they used the moniker Horror Soft. These were most notably the Elvira trilogy; Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus, and WaxWorks. They also made a lesser-known title named Personal Nightmare.

Audio Development


Philip Nixon (Elvira II) wrote MOD files in ProTracker. The instruments were taken from various sources.

Dave Hasler (Elvira) wrote MOD files in NoiseTracker.

Atari ST

Philip Nixon used a program that converted his MOD files to the Atari ST's PSG. It is unknown how Dave Hastler proceeded.


For the Elvira trilogy, Jezz Woodroffe wrote MIDI files in the Cubase sequencer(Atari ST). It was then converted to Accolade's sound driver.

Audio Personnel