Action Graphics

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Action Graphics
Founded September 18, 1981
Closed 1985
Headquarters South Barrington, Illinois

Action Graphics, Inc. was a development company based in South Barrington, Illinois, United States, owned by Bob Odgon.

In 1983, Elaine and Richard Ditton, fresh off from his arcade success with Tapper and Journey, of Marvin Glass and Associates, John Jaugilas, Lonnie Ropp and Joe Bak, a graphic artist at Rock-Ola and David Thiel, who found success with Q*bert of Gottlieb joined the company. They shut down in 1985. Odgon founded two companies, which include Ogdon Micro Design and Mammoth Micro Productions, while the Dittons and Thiel founded Incredible Technologies, with Lonnie Ropp. The company is best known for Winter Games and Rock 'n Bolt, but Action Graphics also brought out ports of existing games like Beamrider. The company started off developing titles for Bally Astrocade.

A great deal of games they developed did not have credits, but this is the reason why early days of game development were uncommon to have credits.

Music Development


David Thiel created a sound driver called DDTSS (David Dwyer Thiel Sound System). The driver was later carried on by Incredible Technologies, its spiritual successor and Softie. Music has to be entered in assembly.

ColecoVision/Coleco Adam

David Thiel created their sound engine that was designed for their games. Like his C64 music, music was written in assembly.

Audio Personnel

The following composers worked at Action Graphics: