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Accolade - 01.png
Founded ca. 1984
Closed ca. 1999
Headquarters USA
Other Names Avantage

Accolade was an American game development and publishing house. They are known for their several computer and console games.

The company was founded by Alan Miller and Bob Whitehead. Being former employees of Activision, they chose the company name to appear first in a list of game development studios. Some other former Activision employees even went on to work for Accolade. In 1984, Alan Miller had left Accolade, and during the '90s, the company started to dwindle.

When the company was creating games for the Sega Genesis, they would usually do so under their Ballistic moniker. This was because Accolade did not want to pay the high fees demanded by Sega to produce video games for the Genesis, and, like Tengen did with Nintendo, made a division to make unlicensed games for the console. Sega filed a lawsuit against the company and won, though Accolade later won an appeal.

In 1999, Accolade was acquired by Infogrames, who changed the company name to Atari.


Audio Development

Commodore 64

All of Ed Bogas' music for Accolade is in a unique driver that was not used by anyone else or for any other company.

Most other games were outsourced to two Canadian and two British companies, all of whom had their own choice.


For their DOS games, the company used their MUS format. Composers from various game developers wrote MIDI files or the like, and had them converted to the MUS format via MIDI to MUS (Accolade). The driver and program may have been written by Russell Schiffer.


Accolade's Genesis sound driver was programmed by Russell Shiffer, who also composed music for the company. In addition, this sound driver was used by other developers than just Accolade.


Most of their games use a unique audio driver by the company, though it is unknown who programmed it. However, it is possible either Schiffer, or more likely, Russell Borogove programmed it based on the various game credits.

Bubsy uses Chip Level Designs' audio driver.

Audio Personnel



Logo History