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Player - AUD to WAV.png
Creator Vladan Bato
Released 1998-06-28
Platform DOS

AUD to WAV is a package of three DOS command line programs created by Vladan Bato that perform conversions on and give information about AUD files. The conversion programs will let you convert the music from AUD files into WAV files so you can play or edit them with common programs, as well as let you convert your own WAV files into AUD files that the game will play.

  • AUD2WAV.EXE - This program takes an existing AUD file and converts into an uncompressed WAV file.
  • WAV2AUD.EXE - This program compresses a WAV file down into an AUD file.
  • AUDINFO.EXE - Running AUDInfo will list technical information about all of the AUD files in a folder, or a specifically mentioned AUD file.


Version Download Platform
1.2 Download - (info) DOS