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ASCII Corporation
Founded May 24, 1977
Headquarters Japan
Other Names
  • ASCII Corporation
  • ASCII Entertainment
  • ASCII Media Works

ASCII Corporation (ASCII株式会社 ASCII Kabushikigaisha) was a Japanese game developer founded by Kazuhiko Nishi in 1977. In 1991, they created an American publishing branch called ASCII Entertainment, but by 1998, the company broke away and became Agetec. ASCII itself became a subsidiary of Kadokawa Group Holdings in 2004, and merged with another Kadokawa subsidiary, MediaWorks, on April 1, 2008, to become ASCII Media Works. In April 2011, the video game division of ASCII Media Works was merged into Kadokawa Games along with the video game divisions of Kadokawa Shoten and Enterbrain. ASCII Media Works now focuses on other forms of media publication.


Music Development


Mitsunori Ogihara programmed ASCII's first sound driver (Bokosuka Wars, Castlequest, Star Voyager), in which the music was written in assembly. There were other sound drivers at ASCII for their NES games, but it is unknown if he programmed them as well.


Shuichi Ukai programmed the first sound driver for ASCII. Later, another driver was developed by Koji Yamada and Yoshinori Hirahara.

Audio Personnel

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