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Composer Unknown
Released 1990-??-??
Title Origin File Name

ARP is the rare high score song of Pick'n Pile. In half the arrangements, a melody plays on top of them. The song would fit to a party.

The composer and arrangers are unknown. The game's co-creator and Atari ST programmer Nicolas Choukroun is a musician himself, but four of the music formats in Pick'n Pile were also used by Charles Callet. Some archives already credit Callet for Pick'n Pile (AST), but their source is unknown.

There are no Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari 2600 or ZX Spectrum arrangements of ARP. The Amiga game plays LALA1 again instead. The Apple II, Apple IIGS and Macintosh games have not been checked yet.


Since the Atari ST game was programmed by the game's co-creator, and this song's filename in both the ST and DOS versions is ARP, it may be the original title, obviously coming from the prominent arpeggios.


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Pick'n Pile (AST)

Platform - AST.png
Pick'n Pile (AST)
Output - SSG.svg
Pick'n Pile - AST - Best Score.png
Arranger Unknown
Released 1990-??-??
Format SNDH
Loops Yes

The structure is in the file ARP.4V, and the instrument samples (including names) are embedded within the file PANDP. In the rip, they are track 1.

Pick'n Pile (DOS)

Platform - DOS.png
Pick'n Pile (DOS)
Output - OPL2.svg
Output - PC Speaker.svg
Pick'n Pile - DOS - Hiscores.png
Arranger Unknown
Released 1990-??-??
Length 2:01.58 (OPL2)
1:46.55 (PC Speaker)
BPM 150 (OPL2)
167 (PC Speaker)
Format ADL (Music Pro) (OPL2)
MPC (PC Speaker)
Loops Yes

If the DOS game/sound driver detects an Ad Lib Music Synthesizer Card or compatible, it outputs the file ARP.ADL on their on-board OPL2 chip. Between loops, there are two bars of silence.

Otherwise, it outputs PAP2.MPC on the PC Speaker. This file features only the arpeggios.

Pick'n Pile (C64)

Platform - C64.png
Pick'n Pile (C64)
Output - SID.svg
Pick'n Pile - C64 - The Top Ten.png
Arranger Unknown
Programmer Chris Hülsbeck, Unknown
Released 1991-0?-??
Length 0:24.27
BPM 376
Format SID
Loops Yes

The C64 arrangement has a furious tempo and lacks the melody, making it almost a different tune.

The driver is a reduced version of Soundmonitor, used once by Charles Callet and once by Unknown, both for Infogrames. The C64 programmers and graphic artist are British and credited in the game. However, the C64 arranger is not credited, and the artist suspects that the arrangement came from Ubisoft.

The song was recorded from the title screen on a PAL C64C with an 8580 R5 4091, but sounds the same on every SID chip. In the rip, it is track 2.